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We provide residential and commercial snow removal services for the Peoria and tri-county areas including Woodford & Tazewell.

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We can provide snow removal for private lanes, drive ways, extended drive ways or business parking lots.  Snow removal without salt spreading, only solves one problem to create another.  That is why we provide salt spreading services as well!

Why is it important to Spread Salt on roads or driveways during snow plowing service calls?

When salt is spread on roads immediately after the road or driveway or parking lost is plowed, the salt helps to melt through any remaining packed ice or snow down to the level of the actual road surface.  Salt then remains there and continues to melt additional snow or ice that might accumulate after the area has been plowed, until the salt is completely dissolved and washed away, or in a very heavy snow is covered very rapidly.

The salt remaining on the surface is then spread by both vehicle and pedestrian traffic as the surface is used, helping to continually melt additional snow and ice for hours after the plowing is complete.  If salt is not used during the plowing service call, the surface may remain slightly slick, and future snow or ice accumulation may bond with that slick surface faster, requiring a future plow service call. We recommend applying salt or de-icer during the plowing process so that our customers will receive the greatest value for their plowing service call and keep their parking lot, driveway or surface as safe as possible for their customers, family or friends.

What is the difference between Salt Spreading or using Ice Melt?

Ice Melt is a product that is not as detrimental to landscaping areas that include grass, flowers, shrubs, etc.  If the area you wish to have ice removed from is near grass or vegetation that should not be harmed, we recommend de-icer not salt.

For large parking lots, especially those with high cement curbs and a competent drainage system, salt will often be more economical and less likely to harm nearby grass.  Salt or de-icer spreaders scatter products in an arc behind our plowing equipment.  This arc can sometimes spread, or ‘throw’ some pellets out of the desired path.  Foot traffic or vehicle traffic may also splash or spread salt pellets from a covered area long after the initial spread as well.  Run off water may also carry salt away through vegetation.  For these reasons, we do recommend de-icer if your area may need protection from salt, or if people using a plowed area are likely to walk from a parking lot through a grassy area, path or trail, or if vehicles might splash salty slush into a vegetation area.

Call us today to make sure that your home or business is scheduled for removal when the next snow falls.  We do provide unscheduled snow removal services as well, but scheduled customers will receive service first.

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Our snow removal services include snow plowing, de-icing, salt spreading and more.  You can choose the service options you need on a regular basis or on a one time service call.

Peoria Snow Removal Services for Commercial business, retail business and rental complexes.