Clean Up of Foreclosure Properties Can Save Thousands ($)

Defending property values requires attention.  A home or property that has experienced foreclosure should not look like it has been damaged or neglected.  It is very important for new owners, banks or finance companies to have foreclosed homes & properties cleaned up and then maintained.

We are bonded and insured. We have the right equipment and training to clean up foreclosed homes inside and the yards or properties outside too.

After the cleanup is done, we can set up a regular lawn maintenance plan (Residential or Commercial lawn care options) to keep the property clean, and curb appeal high.  

Good lawn maintenance on a foreclosed property is the cheapest defense against sagging property values for the target property as well as for the neighborhood.  Lawn clean up and care of a property is both a deterrent against vandals and squatters but also one of the most important steps that can be taken to provide curb appeal for future buyers or renters.

Contact us today for a free estimate on the clean up of your property in the Peoria, Illinois tri-county area and take the first step to recover the value of your property.