The Peoria Lawn Maintenance Residential Rates start at $100 per yard per week

Prices increase based on other services and size of yards


These rates are a guideline. They do not represent the actual estimate that will be provided once one of our professionals reviews your property.

2020 Peoria Lawn Maintenance Rates 2020 Residential rates for mowing and trimming.
As of 2020 we bill at a rate of $85 per hour. An average 1 acre site takes about an hour to complete. However, every property is unique and some properties will take more or less time.

  • Seasonal contracts receive a 10% discount
  • All Web rates are projected estimates and subject to change.
  • Extra costs for trimming around fences and other obstacles may apply, but will be identified in estimates.
  • Estimates for residential leaf blowing and residential leaf cleanup are available upon request.
  • Credit card payment options are available
Linear Trimming - services can be added in to your service plan!
* Linear Trimming rates generally charged at $10 per 100′ both sides where a residential plan for lawn care is already selected.